Looking to develop an e-learning website? 

I will create an online learning website similar to udemy.

How It Works?

The platform collaborates 3 types of users
-and Students

Admin can be the sole instructor of the platform and sell only his courses or enable the public instructors

Admin Workflow:
1) Setup platform with all settings
2) Create courses, sell, make money
3) Requires no approval or commissions
4) Allow instructors to sell courses

Instructor Workflow:
1) Create courses from instructor panel
2) Admin approves pending courses for sale
3) Students purchase course and money deposited to site admin
4) Admin pays course price commission to instructor

Students Workflow:
1) Create account and browse courses
2) Save favourite courses to wishlist
3) Add courses to cart and purchase
4) Start Learning from my course page
5) Messaging with course instructor

Course manager
Intuitive course player
Quizzes, section and lessons
Free/Paid courses
Student Course Certificate
Zoom Live Class
and much more…

The only thing that you need to start this ready Business is a Domain and Hosting (if you don’t have these I can recommend you).