This listing includes professional copywriting and distributing your press release to Tier 1 News Channels + up to 500 different media outlets.

Are you looking for press release writing that’s sure to grab everyone’s attention? Do you need press release distribution to reach over 500+ premium media outlets like FOX, NBC, and CBS? If so, keep reading.

We are a highly reputable press firm known for our credibility, commitment, and professionalism. We’ve developed a network of connections that allows us to distribute your press release to major media players like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and Telemundo Network.
We believe there are two basic elements for powerful PR. 

  •  An incredibly written press release that commands attention 
  •  Maximum exposure to major media outlets 

That’s why we give 100% to both the written piece itself as well as the media exposure, whereas most PR firms only really focus on one or the other. 

  • 500-word press release aimed at your target audience (written at a collegiate level)
  •  Distribution to 500+ premium media outlets including FOX, ABC, NBC
  • 100% on-time delivery to meet deadlines 
  •  Detailed progress reports so you can watch your release grow
  • Cryptocurrencies, porn, etc. are not allowed.

Please write me before you place an order.