With the lockdown and the current situation of the world, make money online has
become quite a heard of the word this year. When it comes to making money online
there are a lot of possibilities. But one of the main ways of making money online is
Freelancing is a quite familiar term in 2020. With the lockdown and people losing their
jobs, now people are looking for ways to make money on the internet using their skills
and passions.
It has created quite a buzz recently. Freelancers are getting quite a high amount of
works during these days also.
The work landscape is usually changing. The worldwide economy has created a piece
world that’s almost unrecognizable from what it had been 40 years ago. Companies
want to hire an employee who would work for twenty or thirty years then retire with a
pension. That employee may need one or two careers or jobs during a lifetime.

Now, companies are not any longer loyal. The typical worker generally has ten jobs
before they turn 40, and anywhere from 12-15 jobs on average in their lifetime (Bureau
of Labor Statistics).

Freelancing within the US has gone up 8% within the last three years and statistics
show that by 2027, over half the workforce goes to be either independent consultants or
freelancers (Forbes).

These changes to the work landscape impact all industries: retail, manufacturing, white-
collar industries, blue-collar industries, and an entire range of creative professional
industries. Nobody is resistant to these changes.
Freelancing isn’t just a few weird gigs people do anymore.

It’s getting so serious that predictions say freelancing will take up 50% of the workforce
by 2027!

Perhaps you’ve considered freelancing.

You might even be doing it as a “side hustle” immediately.

But you haven’t taken the golden leap yet, where your income consists of MAINLY of
your creative talents.

You may want to think about watching freelancing as a significant investment.

Maybe even a whole career investment.

Look, the planet is changing.

To get a thought of just what proportion it’s changed, freelancers brought home an
estimated total of $1 trillion in annual earnings in 2016.

Freelancing is that the future of America
(Source: https://www.freelancersunion.org/)
Needless to mention, if you haven’t been maintaining, you’ve been missing out on a
significant piece of that trillion-dollar pie!

And if you don’t get on the bandwagon soon, it’s going to almost be too late.